The Ultimate Guide To Desktop Speaker Stands

The Ultimate Guide To Desktop Speaker Stands

Let’s face it, we all wish we could listen to our music at the highest quality, but there is usually something missing. What if we told you that we have the solution?

We are talking about desktop speaker stands of course.

With these few pieces of bent metal, you can transform a simple home studio into something that sounds like it belongs at a record company.

Read on to discover why you need this amazing product in your music life.

What Are Desktop Speaker Stands?

As you know, desktop speakers and studio monitors are nearly the same thing. In fact, a studio monitor could be defined as a type of desktop speaker.

We are of course not referring to computer speakers, which actually do have a noticeable difference.

Computer speakers are designed to give you a more enhanced sound, whereas studio monitors have a raw sound quality. A computer speaker often has a deeper bass and more refined treble, which is not great when you are creating your own tracks.

Soundrise Pro Desktop Speaker Stands

Why is that relevant? Mainly because we wouldn’t want you to mistake what desk speaker stands are made for. They are meant to improve your quality of sound, by eliminating most vibration, and elevating your speakers to the right height.

Desktop speaker stands can either be adjustable, or they are fixed on a certain height. However, the ones that are fixed are normally engineered to be just right for most users.

How Soundrise Speaker Stands Work And Why You Need Them?

By now, we are sure you are curious as to how these speaker stands work. The simple answer is, they raise your music to a new level. The more practical answer is of course a different story.

Soundrise speaker stands have been designed with a flexible top plate. Allowing the top plate to bounce slightly when the speakers start playing, which absorbs the vibration into the stand.

Furthermore, they are equipped with silicone feet that will catch any of those vibrations that are trying to escape.

There are many factors that influence the design and way that these desk speaker stands work. Here are a few that go into the thought process:

  • The top plate needs to be flexible for vibration absorption.
  • The stands need to be heavy enough so they don’t bounce up and down.
  • You want the stands to save space on the desk.
  • You need it to be strong enough to support the weight.

Not only can this influence the way you experience the music, but it also aids in making sure you get the real sound with little to no external noise.

So, in short, why would you deprive yourself of such an easy solution to great music?

Desktop Vs. Traditional Speaker Stands

Why should you choose desktop speaker stands over a traditional one? What are their benefits over floor speaker stands?

Desktop speaker stands have many different shapes and designs, but most will accommodate your audio interface and headphones as well, which makes it easier to place them

When using desktop speaker stands you will also find yourself closer to the speaker itself. On the flip side, with floor stands you will often struggle to find the right spot to place the speaker.

A brief study has shown that a great place to put speakers is either side of your screen, and that each speaker should be facing you at a 30 degree angle.

Not to mention the fact that you might need to move your desk away from the wall to accommodate for the floor speaker stands.

How To Choose A Desktop Speaker Stand

Let’s investigate what you should be looking for in your speaker stands.


For obvious reasons, height is a very important picking factor. If your speaker stands are too low or too high, then you might not be getting the best sound from your monitor speakers.

As mentioned, you want your speaker to be at a minimum height of 47 inches, so be sure to take the necessary measurements before making a purchase.


Weight is also something worth looking into. No one wants a stand that is unnecessarily heavy, when you could be getting one that is easy to carry around and place wherever you’d like.

A good example would be our Pro-5 Studio Monitor stands. They are made with aluminium, so they only weigh 1.125 lbs each.


As mentioned above, weight is important, and your material has a big impact on that. But, another thing the material influences is the strength.

You want to be sure to get speaker stands that can handle the raw weight of your studio monitors. The most popular choices are wood, steel, and aluminium speaker stands.

Once again, with our A-grade 3/16” aluminium stands, why even consider something different?


Stability is very important as you want your stands to stand. If they bounce around the moment your speakers start working, then they won’t be much use.

Be sure to read the reviews of the speaker stands you are considering. If there are any people that complain about stability, then run.

Cable management

The final thing you want to look at is where your cables will go once your speaker is placed. Will there be space for them? Will the cables get damaged?

At Soundrise, we made accommodations for those beautiful cables. We ensure that you are able to place them, without damaging them and having to stare at them all day.

Which Speaker Stands To Get

For this section, an honest opinion will be required. We can truthfully say that at Soundrise we have put a lot of effort into making sure you will not be disappointed with your desktop speaker stands.

Our two main stands are as follows:

  • PRO-9 Soundrise Speaker Stands: They raise your studio monitors by 9”, and isolate vibrations like you wouldn’t believe. These speaker stands are angled just right, to provide easy setup and fantastic sound. They are the perfect combination of weight, height, stability, and practicality.
  • PRO-5 Soundrise Speaker Stands: For those that prefer their sounds from a lower level, this is the studio monitor stand for you. It elevates your speakers by 5”, and is the ideal design for a slightly larger speaker. Similar to the PRO-9, it is designed with just the right levels of height, weight, stability, and practicality.

If you are looking for a cheaper and easier solution to vibration specifically, you can take a look at our Dome 1.25” vibration isolation pads.

Soundrise PRO-5 studio monitor stand

Soundrise Speaker Stands To The Rescue

If you had a way to make the best music equipment sound even better, then why not go for it? Desktop speaker stands are the way to make your everyday music stand out.

Soundrise is your one stop shop for studio monitor stands and vibration isolation. If you want to know more about these amazing products, feel free to ask us anything.

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