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What is Soundrise?

Soundrise has become a remarkable trademark in the United States today, and this is because we have been able to produce unique and outstanding speaker stands consistently. Our products are stemmed from a keen enthusiasm for quality, and we have, over several years, designed and constructed the most effective speaker stands for professional home studios.

Our strength lies in our ability to manufacture products, which not only raise your studio monitors but also improve and minimize the effects of vibrations on your desk.

Based on these bespoke designs, Soundrise has established quality speaker stands that are suitable for pro audio mixing and mastering professionals. Our stands are locally manufactured in Los Angeles, CA. and we aim to invent products that will withstand the test of time and can be passed down to future generations.

Hence, at Soundrise, our speaker stands remain distinct in providing stronger acoustic isolation and improving the sound output for audio systems, home studios, sound reinforcement, and pro studios.










Soundrise Team Sunny and Dad


Our Story 

The concept of Soundrise started with a quest to develop simple desktop stands that improve sound and leave a small footprint. However, I noticed that the market had failed to provide solutions to these demands back in 2015. Hence, I began to design and experiment with steel prototypes. With the support of my dad, who is an engineer, we worked towards developing the ideal desktop speaker stand.

I have always had a keen enthusiasm for creating products that stand out. I began to work towards developing an ultramodern unique speaker stand. My mission was to build stands that will assist mixers and producers to manage the space in their studio effectively. Finally, after rigorous trials and experimentation, we were able to come up with the Soundrise Pro aluminum speaker stand.

Today, we have become a renowned global brand in the production of Pro Audio speaker stands, and we have worked in collaboration with various suppliers around the world. This is the origin of Soundrise.



It is my hope that you make our products part of your life and share how they're used in your home. We'd love to see your battle stations and add them to Our Customer's Studios page.

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