Customer Studios

How Soundrise stands are used around the world.

Customers love their matte white stands. It quickly became our 2nd most popular finish. Check out these¬†studios ūüė≤.

Check out Jason's Haupt's Soundrise studio sporting his KEF LS50's.



Gabriel from Reddit/r/audiophile vastly improved sound quality by raising his JBL speakers to ear level.


YouTuber & Filmmaker Chadwin Smith with a before and after Soundrise.


DJMRV is packing a lot of gear in a small space. But through all the clutter, he brings his Adam Audio reference monitors to ear level.

Adam Audio DRMRV reference monitors

Adam Audio and Genelec reference monitors


Ramzal from Reddit/r/pcmasterrace posted these stylish compositions of Yamaha HS5 monitors and high end Audeze headphones.

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