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How Soundrise stands are used around the world.

DJTsoi from Instagram with his Yamaha HS7 monitors says, "Thanks to @soundrisepro monitor stands for giving me half my desk back! Amazing how much audible difference it makes as well 🔊"

instagram recording studio


The Audioengine A5 Powered monitors are a perfect fit.

 audioengine A5 powered monitor

Audioengine A5


Dylan Duncan sitting proud in front of his Adam Audio S2X. He placed them sideways and squeezed even more room out of an extremely cramped studio. These S2Xs weigh 25 pounds each!

Adam Audio S2X with Dylan Duncan

Adam Audio S2X


AGgotBeats from Instagram with the Yamah HS5's.

Yamaha HS5 AGgotbeats

AGgotbeats Instagram recording studio


Matt Burch from our Etsy Store posted his Dali Zensor 1's. Though these speakers are 22" tall, they fit like a glove on the Soundrise Pro.

Dali Zensor 1s from Etsy


Harvey B, rocking the silver Soundrise Pro, invented a spot for his large keyboard.

Keyboard under Soundrise Pro silver stands


Andy D from Amazon also posted his silver stands, which resulted in a 100% improvement in sound quality.

Silver desktop speaker stands

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