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Desk Speaker Stands: Essential for Crisp Audio

Decouple Speakers with Stands

By decoupling your speakers, studio monitor stands alleviate unwanted vibrations and resonance while delivering an optimized listening experience.

With so many models to choose from, the right stand can support everything from satellite speakers to subwoofers.


The Original space-saver vibration dampening design

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5" rise with a 5° angle, perfect for any 5" speaker.

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The perfect fit and dampening for large studio monitors.

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Angle your audio interface and fx pedals at 30°.

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Decouple turntables, DAC's, disc players and amps from surfaces.

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Preserving Sound Quality

Ask any audiophile and they’ll tell you that achieving top-notch sound quality depends on more than the quality of your speakers alone. Instead, high-fidelity audio is contingent on a range of other factors, such as your environment and speaker positioning.

For example, speakers that are placed directly onto a table, floor, bookshelf, or cabinet are shown to reverberate. That’s because the sound waves emitted by these speakers travel through nearby surfaces, adopting a distorted sound profile. Likewise, speakers that are either angled the wrong way or positioned lower than ear level can change the intended audio quality.

Studio monitor stands that decouple your speakers are an effective way to both improve your positioning and cut down resonance.

Key Speaker Stand Considerations

While there are many ways to decouple your speakers, having the right speaker stands is key to optimizing audio quality. While a makeshift speaker stand may be enough to get your speakers off the ground, a flimsy foundation can lead to unwanted vibrations that negatively affect your output. Here are the features that matter most:


Aluminum speaker stands may outperform comparable materials by having a lower resonant frequency, offering greater clarity and sound precision. 


The right speaker stands feature a flexible yet sturdy foundation designed to reduce vibrations for a purer output. 


Be sure to select your monitor stands based on the model, width, and weight of your speakers. Additionally, check to see that the tweeters will be positioned at ear level. In turn, you can avoid misalignments that reduce sound quality. 


When selecting your speaker stand, functionality doesn’t need to come at the expense of style. The ideal stands should complement your setup.


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Speaker Stand Spacing Considerations

Whether you’re looking for the best studio monitor stands to outfit your workspace or the perfect desktop speaker stands to streamline your setup, spacing should always be taken into consideration. 

Although essential, speakers and subwoofers can occupy a significant amount of real estate on your desk or floor. In turn, you may be limiting the amount of space you have to work or fit other equipment. By using a space-saving speaker stand, you can effectively improve your audio quality even on limited surface areas.


Will G.
At first, I was skeptical. I thought they'd be too easy to tip over. Also, the flexing of the stands freaked me out a bit. However, after using them for about 5 months, I can say your stands are the best I could find and well worth the money. They bring the speakers to ear-level and look great while freeing up desk space.

– Will G.

I have a very small studio desk and I’m able to raise my speakers up and tuck my racks under there on one side and my Mac mini on the other. Now my little corner feels a little bigger. Only con is the price but these are solid stands.

– Medialint

Putting People First

Ultimately, speaker stands should be designed around the people using them. Before making a purchasing decision, it pays to look into the brand behind the stand. Do they leverage their social pages to collect audience feedback, iterate, and manufacture their stands?

If so, they may yield a better and more robust finished product. Likewise, reviews tell a story of their own. Be sure to evaluate what other musicians, audio professionals, and listeners think before ordering. 

Speaker Stand Summary

Speaker stands are key to achieving the purest audio quality possible. As you research various options, be sure to:

Take the stand’s height into consideration

Determine what materials are used

Evaluate the design and product specs

Look for opportunities to save space

Choose the right style for your setup

And research the brand behind the stand

Once you find the ideal desktop stand, you’ll notice a readily-apparent difference in sound clarity. Thank you for reading, and be sure to contact a Soundrise professional if you have any unanswered questions. 


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