PRO-9 Desktop Speaker Stands - Decoupling and Vibration Dampening Solution for Studio Monitors - Pair 2-Pack


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Are your desktop speakers decoupled?

Audiophiles will notice a wider stereo image when the flexible top plate dampens vibrations from the speaker. That’s why we developed Soundrise PRO-5 Studio Monitor Stands to do more than just “save space” but open up your sound quality like never before.

Designed to increase speaker base accuracy, improve mid-range clarity, and dampen vibrations with a smart, well-crafted frame that helps you get the most out of your speakers. Audio engineers, and mixing and mastering artists can tell this subtle difference.

• Music to Your Ears - Treat your ears to superb sound with the help of these desk speaker stands. Each speaker stand positions the tweeters at ear level to widen your stereo image.

• Zero Desk Vibrations - With their flexible top plate and silicone rubber feet, these C-shaped speaker monitor stands help eliminate shock, bouncing, and vibrations that help reduce sub-bass and resonance from your desk.

• Declutter Your Workspace - With a 9" rise, these studio speaker stands for desk clear up space under each monitor for storing gear. Cutouts on the guide rail make it easier for you to organize cables.

• Stylish & Functional - Showing off an original design since 2015, each aluminum speaker stand for desk is ready for year-round use. Each speaker desk stand has a maximum load capacity of up to 28 lbs.

• A Sure Fit - Made in the USA, each desktop speaker stand fits most 5-8" subwoofers, satellite speakers, or studio monitors. If you have questions about fitment, please reach out - we're happy to help.

Here are more reasons to love our desktop speaker stands:

- Package Contains 2 Stands

- 9x6.5" top plate, 9x7.75" bottom plate<br>

- Supports up to 28 lbs. each<br>

- Fits most 5-8" speakers<br>

- Ideal present for audiophiles, gamers, DJs, or sound technicians

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Made in the USA

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    positioning the speakers

    For optimal listening quality, we recommend positioning the speakers at ear level and angling them inward toward the listener. 

    speaker stand dimensions

    Weight: 2.5 lbs each

    Expansive Speaker Support:
    HS5, HS7, HS8
    KRK Rokit 5, Rokit 6, Rokit 7
    JBL 305P MkII. 306P MkII
    JBL LSR 305, LSR 308
    Audioengine A5+
    Polk S15
    Presonus Eris 4.5
    Eve Audio SC205, SC207
    Adam Audio S2V, T5V, T7V, A7V
    M-Audio BX5 D3, BX8 D3, AV32, AV42
    Genelec 8010D, 8020D, 8030C, 8040B
    Mackie CR4, CR5, CR8
    KEF LS50
    Edifier S1000DB, S2000 Pro
    Fits most 5-8" studio monitors. If you are not sure of fitment, ask and we will respond promptly.

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