New Soundrise PRO Stand Design

Soundrise PRO Re-Designed in 2020

His name is Cobus Potgieter and he absolutely wails on the drums! 🥁

His massive Focal speakers rest on his new matte white Soundrise PRO stands.


Drummer playing with speakers behind him on speaker stands


This perfectly lit home studio with proper led lighting belongs to Dominic.
He's sporting a pair of KRK Rokit6S studio monitors on his matte white Soundrise PRO.

LED lit music production home studio with speaker stands and studio monitors


JakeBaconDigital from Instagram keeps it classy with his massive Yamaha HS8

Laptop and mood lighting with a speaker behind


Jeffrey from Ottawa, Canada rocks the Silver Soundrise PRO in his industrial corner desk.

Silver stands industrial studio


This sweet record collection and Yamaha HS8's belong to Sommer all the way from France.

Record collection white speakers vinyl


This busy but organized desk belongs to Tushar. He finds plenty of space to stack more gear under his matte white Soundrise PRO stands with M-Audio studio monitors.

audio interface and DAC gear stacked under speaker


Now here's a BEFORE & AFTER from a man called Alessandro whos proud of his new black Soundrise PRO studio monitor stands.

Before Soundrise Speaker Stands

After Soundrise Pro speaker stands

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