Top 3 Artists To Stream During Lockdown

Top 3 Artists To Stream During Lockdown - Soundrise

Meet a Stream Artist

Music soothes the soul. Soundrise is here to offer some soothing options to get through your quarantine. Check out some of our favorite YouTube artists keeping us happy as well as entertained during these isolated times.


 Meet a Stream Artist


Ricky Tinez

Ricky goes from talking about the benefits of an analog mixer in the studio to playing a live EDM jam with his latest toys. This type of content makes lockdown a lot easier. 

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No one can tame their Ciat-Lonbarde better than the Lord of Lo-Fi and test equipment. Straight outta his balcony, Hainbach's isolation show is taking shape quite nicely.

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Blast off rave people - and stay isolated. With an endless list of talented guest DJ's, Insomniac founder Pasquale Rotella wants you to stay home and rave with him.

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