Rise to Better Audio, Chadwin Knows The Way

Rise to Better Audio, Chadwin Knows The Way - Soundrise

Check out Chadwin Smith's upgraded studio after he received his Soundrise stands. 

Here's a transcript of Chadwin's own words...

Now when you’re using speakers to actually edit the audio on your video there's one thing that most editors are doing wrong and that's when they just put their speakers right on top of their desk. There are a few problems with this the first one is that the interaction that your speaker has with your desktop is one actually transforms when you hear the sound because there’s a lot of vibration and distortion that can happen with your speaker and the actual desk.

The interaction that your speaker has with your desktop is one actually transforms when you hear the sound because there's a lot of vibration and Distortion that can happen between your speaker and the actual desk.

And that's a problem cuz you want to hear the truest sound possible so that your mix and everything sounds really good. Another problem is that most everyone just place them right on the desk again which which is just too low the sound ends up going beneath your ears and a lot of times it hits the back wall and bounces back and it reverberates so you’re actually hearing the sound from a secondary source and not directly from the speaker.

So what you need to do is raise them up so that the tweeters are actually at the level of your ears. So in order to do this you're obviously going to need a pair of speaker stands. If you want some sunrise and I absolutely love them. Honestly the best speaker stands that I have found to date. Now they did send me these to try out but they are not paying me to say any of this and these are all honestly the opinions of myself #NotSponsored.

The build quality of these stands is incredible. They’re made out of these solid metal and then powder coated in this really nice matte black finished it honestly looks so cool and sleek and they have this really nice Apple-esque look to them which of course I love too.

Now there are a lot of other speaker stands out there as well but I've never really been impressed with any of them. I’ve used the foam ones and the problem with those is that they're just too wobbly and they don't actually raise the speaker up high enough so they're still not at the level of your ears.Now there are ones made of wood and the problem with those is that yes they can get them high enough but it still introduces all those vibrations from the speaker right back down into the desk through that solid rigid stand.

That's the awesome thing about the Soundrise speaker stands is that they actually have some flexibility and give to them so that when the speakers get going they’ll actually have a tiny bit of bounce to them so that that vibration is isolated in the stand and doesn't actually translate down to the desk at all.

Honestly one of my favorite parts about these stands is that they just have so much space under them you know room for activities. So much room for activities it's honestly one of the best features because you can put like your USB audio interface or you know some hard drives or maybe like a CD-ROM all these different things that you can store underneath there instead of having all the space taken up by the speakers. It’s honestly one of the best features.

Another cool thing about it is it to have a hole cut in the background of the stand so you can actually route your cables through them and get them out of sight and keep your desk looking nice and clean and minimalistic. I know I’m getting all excited about this but seriously it's just all these little things that make me so much happier when I'm editing.

Now I can keep gushing about the Soundrise speaker stands but I'm not going to cuz I want to show you exactly how to get them setup and get your edit bay set-up so you can get the best sound quality when you're doing your edits so your final videos sound super professional and look professional too.

  1. First of course is to get your speakers on the stands so that the tweeters are ear level.
  2. Next you want to angle your speakers so that they’re pointing directly at your ears.
  3. Between you and your speakers, you should form an equilateral triangle.
  4. Your speakers are not pushed up right against a wall, leaving at least 6” between the back of the speaker and the wall. The more space back there, the better.
  5. You can treat your room for sound reflection and echo using sound blankets, sound foam and bass traps.

That is some sound Sound Advice. Thanks Chadwin, and we’ll make sure to subscribe to see more.
Chadwin Smith puts out a ton of great YouTube content to help you get better sound, video, and overall production quality.

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