A Message From Sunny Soundrise

A Message From Sunny Soundrise - Soundrise

"Hey Guys,

My name is Alex "Sunny" Soundrise, I am the founder and CEO of Soundrise, and I’m in Los Angeles California, making the best stands that raise your desktop speakers.

We start with the highest quality 3/16” aluminum, which gets laser cut out of a single sheet and then off to the break operator, then finishing and QC.
All of our stands are built here in the U.S. and powder coated with an all weather industrial finish, which is basically built to last a lifetime. At around $160/pair, they are not cheap, and there's a good reason for it.

The Soundrise speaker stands were born out of my personal need to raise my desktop speakers. Surprised at a lack of viable options on the market, my father and I got work and made a steel prototype. With some design and material improvements, we arrived at the Soundrise Pro stands you're looking at now. Available in Black, Silver, and Raw (Unpainted).

Sometimes all you need is a beautifully designed piece of gear to make you feel relaxed and comfortable in your studio ready to make a beat. We go beyond beauty and make sure it will last a lifetime because let's face it, you don't plan on ending your sound experiments anytime soon."

-Sunny Soundrise

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