Rare Stickers Pack


Rise Up! - Elevate your surroundings with this exclusive assortment of 8 or 9 high-quality vinyl stickers. From sleek clear designs to eye-catching diecut shapes, our 'Rare Stickers' pack features a captivating Soundrise logo hologram, the iconic Soundrise circle icon, vibrant illustrated graphics, and a collection of original slogans like "Reverse Engineered From Alien Technologies." These stickers are crafted to endure all weather conditions, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Be aware that once certain designs run out, they may never return, making this sticker pack truly rare and collectible. 

With this sticker pack, we invite you to embark on a special mission, if you choose to accept it. Take 5 photos in a public setting featuring 5 different Soundrise stickers, with people in the background or yourself doing what you love, because we believe in passion with purpose. Then, post the image as 5 separate Instagram posts, tagging @SoundrisePro and using the hashtag #RiseUp. By completing this mission, you'll unlock a remarkable prize: a free pair of PRO-5 speaker stands or a $100 credit towards a PRO-9 model. This mission is capped at 25 sticker packs , and the offer is valid until June 30 for U.S. customers only, one prize per person.

Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to showcase your style, spread the Soundrise spirit, and potentially upgrade your audio setup. Get your hands on the "Rare Sticker Pack" today and start your journey towards unlocking an exclusive reward!