SOUNDRISE PRO Desktop Speaker Stands (Pair)

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Could you use more studio desk space? These unique, first of their kind desktop stands do exactly that plus deliver better sound from your speakers.

Aluminum Black Bookshelf Speaker Stands for Studio Monitors up to 22 pounds. Suitable for Yamaha HS5, HS8, Rokit's and Rokit 5s, etc.

Raises your studio monitors 9" to align tweeters at ear level. Then angle them 60 degrees inward to create an equilateral triangle.

  • C-Shape design saves a ton of desk space. Perfect for small studios. 
  • Laser cut from a single sheet of industrial strength lightweight aluminum.
  • Powder coated for a lifetime of durability indoors & outdoors.
  • More accurate bass – patented space saver design.
  • Works with M-Audio BX8, Yamaha HS5, Rokit5, and most 12- 30 lb. speakers.
  • 100% Made in USA
  • The Perfect Bookshelf stand for any small to medium studio monitors.
  • $40 Shipping to Canada
  • $60 Shipping to Europe and Rest of World