Saturn Adjustable Speaker Platform - PRE-ORDER


Elevate your desktop audio experience with the innovative Saturn Desktop Speaker Platform. Crafted with precision, this adjustable stand utilizes the weight of your speakers to lock them securely in any desired angle through a hidden friction ball-and-socket joint mechanism. Bid farewell to unwanted desk vibrations with Saturn's polyurethane foam construction and grooved friction points that dissipate resonance, ensuring flawless focus and clarity.  MORE INFO

  • Position your monitors effortlessly with 360-degree rotation and tilt capabilities
  • Aligns your sound with uncompromising accuracy
  • Supports speakers up to 30 lbs
  • Hardware-free adjustability with twist-lock floor stand integration

Your $20 pre-order will go towards your reward of choice for the upcoming Kickstarter campaign. Coming Summer/Fall 2024

Saturn seamlessly transitions from desktop to floor stand mode with our proprietary top plate, designed to securely integrate with the Saturn platform.