SATURN Is Aligning!

One stand, 360° potential.

Goodbye Vibrations

By touching only at grooved friction points, unwanted desk resonance dissipates almost completely before reaching your desk or floor.
Polyurethane foam and thoughtful craftsmanship elevate Saturn stands as the premier acoustic lift for your studio monitors.

Flawless Focus

Saturn positions your monitors via an elegant Hidden Joint - our adjustable friction ball-and-socket mechanism needing no hardware whatsoever. Gravity does the rest

With A Twist

Saturn aligns your sound flawlessly from desktop to floor. Integrated corner channels simply twist-lock Saturn's base to a custom top plate - no added attachments required. Crafted adaptability, elevated.

The Most Rewarding Stand Experience

Desktop Mode

Saturn's weighted base provides stability for positioning studio monitors up to 30 lbs on your desk or floor.

Floor Stand Mode

A solid floor stand with our unique top plate will allow Saturn to be perfectly positioned for room-filling audio from 5-8" speakers.

Underside Twist-Lock

A simple twist locks Saturn securely to the top plate hardware-free, so there's no noise or rattling during loud playback.