The Tone Jerks, Joshua Valour, and Z Reviews

 The Tone Jerks Podcast

The Tone Jerks is a musician’s lifestyle podcast. Every Tuesday, Brian & Kyle talk gear, touring, recording, and songwriting. In this episode, the jerks praise our Soundrise Pro speaker stands and love how much desk space is reclaimed to fit their tall cans during recording.

Listen to the whole episode here:
The Tone Jerks Podcast - Episode 89: All Folk'd Up

Soundrise speaker with stand


Since 2015 Joshua Valour has been releasing his honest reviews of audio devices, DAC's, streaming services, speakers, to headphones. His Silver Soundrise Pro is a iconic piece in his gray/muted themed sound studio.

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Z Reviews reviews gear and instructional videos, mostly involving home theatre or budget audiophile setups.

One corner of his house has shelves of high end headphones, and on the other side are audio converters, tube pre-amps, and a range of studio monitors. It's 360 degrees of audiophile toys. Zeos uses his black or silver Soundrse Pro to hold up the speakers he's reviewing. He uses them enough to dedicate an entire 15-minute episode to our signature speaker stands.

Watch Full ZReviews Episode:
Z Reviews - Soundrise Pro Stands - Reclaim you DESK!!!

The highlight seeing Zeos take our Raw Unpainted Soundrise Pro stands to Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Colorado to support some speakers for the crowd. (photo below)