Soundrise BIG-5 Large Speaker Stand for Desk or Floor | One stand only

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Perfect solution for your subwoofer or large center channel speaker.


The sound quality produced by your computer or sound equipment is very closely tied to the quality of your speakers and the stands they’re placed on. Having no stands can mean they’re rattling around on your desktop or taking up valuable space.

Audiophiles will notice a wider stereo image when the flexible top plate dampens vibrations from the speaker. That’s why we developed Soundrise BIG-5 Studio Monitor Stands to do more than just “save space” but open up your sound quality like never before for larger speakers.

stand width 9.75 inch x 11.75 inch height

Product Details:

  • Top Plate: 12”D x 10”W - Bottom Plate: 11.5”W x 11.5”D - 5 in rise with 5-degree incline
  • Each stand weighs 4 pounds, can handle up to 40 lbs+ speaker
  • Flexible top plate absorbs most vibrations before reaching your desk or floor
  • Optimized for 8”+ Studio Monitors - Trusted American-Made Quality
  • Includes 2 stands, 8 Silicone Rubber Feet, and a Soundrise sticker
  • Matte Black Industrial Powder Coating
  • SKU: big5singleblack

Trusted Quality Assurance
Here at Soundrise we care about the quality and reliability of our speaker stands and have a passion for design and reliability; which is why we back every order with responsive customer service and brand support you won’t find with a standard audio specialist.

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