PEDAL STAND 6 x 6 inch Perfect Foam Angle for UA Apollo Twin Audio Interface FX Pedals

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There's never enough angle built into our audio interface and fx pedals. That's why the pedal stand was made. To give you proper view and access to your favorite desktop gear.

effects pedal stand foam interface wedge
If you’re in the fun habit of playing with hardware and eurorack synths and drum machines, then desktop real estate is at a premium. Setting up your computer, DAW, audio interface or a big mixer is a bit of a pain and can disrupt the flow of jamming.

Access your HiZ, headphone, and XLR cables without constraints. Pedal stand makes controlling your master volume much more accessible.

Soundrise Pedal Stand is a machined foam instrument stand made from 4-pound closed cell  foam to reduce clutter and improve workflow in desktop studio spaces. Its curved and slotted design allows for cable management to organize all XLR, audio, and midi cables.

Top Plate: 6.4"D x 5.7"W with a 30° rise
Product Size:
 7.5"D x 5.5"W x 4.0"H
Weight: 2.8 oz

Material: High Density Closed-Cell Foam
SKU: 1pedalstandblk

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