Soundrise PRO-9 Desktop Speaker Stand | One stand only (Made in USA)


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Made in USA

Why is it bad to just place your reference monitors flat on your desk? Because if you raise them to align tweeters with your ears, your sound quality increases noticeably!

At the same time you probably need as much desk space as you can get. These unique, first of their kind desktop stands do exactly that by lifting up your speakers 9" inches and reclaiming your space underneath. Remaining vibrations get absorbed through the amount of give from the flexible aluminum.

  • C-Shape design raises your speakers 9" which saves a ton of desk space.
  • Laser cut from high quality 3/16" aluminum for the right balance of strength and flexibility.
  • Powder coated for a lifetime of durability, even for outdoor use.
  • More accurate bass and sound clarity resulting from aligning tweeters with your ears.
  • Works with M-Audio BX8, Yamaha HS5, Rokit5, and all 5" inch reference monitors up to 28lb.
  • Available in powder coated Black, Silver, or Unpainted Raw Aluminum.

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Raises your studio monitors 9" to align tweeters at ear level. Then angle them 60 degrees inward to create an equilateral triangle.

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Try Soundrise for 30 Days.
Our stands work with most speakers but not all speakers. So give them a try for 30 days and if you don't like the way they look and improve sound, send them back within 30 days and get your money back (As long as there are no scratches. Otherwise we will have to re-list them as a pair of B-Stock Soundrise

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