B-Stock PRO-5 Studio Monitor Stands 5" Inch Pair

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These PRO-5 speaker stands are in excellent condition with some cosmetic flaws. They are only visible from up close. The small paint mistakes may be similar to the stands you receive. 

Get the truest, clearest sound out of your 5” desktop studio monitor speakers by mounting them on Soundrise Pro-5 speaker stands.

The sound quality produced by your computer or sound equipment is very closely tied to the quality of your speakers and the stands they’re placed on. No stands can mean they’re rattling around on your desktop or taking up valuable space, or poorly made stands means they bounce around and produce loud vibrations and muddied resonance that doesn’t feature the surround sound clarity you deserve.

That’s why we developed the Soundrise Pro-5 Speaker Stands that can satisfy the sound-quality need of an audiophile, but provides the versatility needed to support video gamers, DJs, sound technicians, and more. Offer enhanced stability, vibration-absorbing silicone feet, and a smarter space-saving vertical design our Soundrise Pro-5 speaker stands are designed to make the most of every beat drop.

Product Details:

  • Soundrise Pro-5 Speaker Stands (Pair)
  • Features 5” Rise with 5-Degree Incline
  • Optimized for 5” Studio Monitors
  • Pre-Attached Silicone Rubber Feet
  • Supports Up to 18 lbs. (Each)
  • Larger Top Plate: 5.4” x 6.5” x 4.75”
  • Bottom Plate: 5.5” x 7.5”
  • Overall Weight: 1.125 lbs. (Each)
  • Trusted American-Made Quality

Experience true sound clarity with space-saving vertical speaker stands by choosing Soundrise Pro-5 monitor stands by clicking Add to Cart above to get a pair today.

Trusted Quality Assurance
Here at Soundrise we care about the quality and reliability of our speaker stands and have a passion for design and reliability; which is why we back every order with responsive customer service and brand support you won’t find with a standard audio specialist.

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