Lifetime Warranty

 aluminum speaker stands with lifetime Warranty

Your Soundrise Pro aluminum speaker stands are warranted against breakage of the metal for a lifetime. If a unit ends up defective and broken, Soundrise will exchange it with a functional equivalent product. This warranty covers defects that result from normal use only. Items that are abused, heavily scraped to the point of intentional breakage, lost or stolen will not be covered under this warranty. Damage resulted from modifications to the product, poor handling, accidental misuse, that are not defects in materials and workmanship, are excluded from this warranty.

This warranty does not cover bends or scrapes in the Soundrise PRO stand. Only breakage of metal from normal use.

We realize the probability of a single piece of aluminum breaking is low. There's a different reason for this warranty. We are passionate about the process and design our products to the highest level.

To obtain warranty service, contact Soundrise or call (818) 590-8621