TRUBLUE Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

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Improve Your Life!

Finally, you can handsless, wireless, and noiseless.
 Turn your work or home into a sustained focus environment.

Features 24-bit audio resolution with strengthened bass as good as competing BEATS brand costing 5 times as much

  • What's cool is they get even better with time. Have you heard of headphones break-in? Audiophiles don't agree on exactly how long it should take, so opinions range from 10 hours to 100 hours.

If you want to go wired, a 1.5M line cable is included.

Your audio jack is also the charging connector. You can access it without even looking at your headphones – just by feel.

Here's the Best Part – 10 minutes to charge for 3 hours of music if you're super low on battery. Regular charge time is only 1.5 hours for 16 hours of music.

  • When not in use, it will standby for 650 hours without needing a charge. 

Turn on your Built-in ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) technology with a tiny switch.

Cut off surrounding noise significantly and enjoy just the music. You have 57mm drivers in each ear delivering heavy bass and crisp, vivid highs.

DJs love the rotating cup design and flat folding mechanism.

Available in 3 Kickass Colors.

RISE UP! Cut Down Noise. 

As a Thank You for supporting Soundrise, we'll include 2 Free Gifts with Every Purchase.

  • 1 x Mini Phone Octopus Tripod w/Phone Holder in a random color
  • 1 x 32GB MP3 Player w/LCD Screen, USB, and clip in a random color

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  • Features Bluetooth version 4.2
  • Size: 7.8 x 7 x 3.5" | 20 x 18 x 9cm
  • Materials: Metal alloy body, pure copper core wires with nickel plating
  • Includes: 3.5mm turn TYPE-C audio cable, USB turn TYPE-C Charging Cable, User Manual, and Storage Drawstring Bag.
  • Free Gifts: 1 x 32GB MP3 Player, 1 x Mini Octopus Tripod