World's Thinnest Wireless Charger

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Works with both iPhone and Android, Galaxy Phones.

The future is here, at least with charging your phone. Simply rest your smartphone on the slender pad and that's it. It's charging wirelessly.

A large independent copper coil charges up to 85% of your normal conversion.

Those days of split wires and and lost charging cables is done. Can you imagine a simple flat disk replacing those. Give one to a friend as a gift.

The special surface of the glass is at 9H hardness:

    • What is 9H glass? it's tempered glass and tested up to hardness of 9H – if you're into that technical stuff.

The line that keeps your pad lit is a 4 foot USB to micro USB cable.

Supports all these phones.

You can charge with your phone case on! Supports up to 6mm separation between your phone and the charging pad.

  • Size: 99 mm x 7.6 mm thick
  • Materials: zinc alloy body, hardened glass.
  • Includes: charging pad, USB cable and instruction manual